Total Productivity Growth in the Faculties of Anbar University using Malmquist Productivity Index

Ali S. Alshayea, Ahmad H. Battal, Subhi Jarwaan


The aims of this study is to evaluate the productivity growth of nineteen Faculties of Anbar University (FAUs) in Iraq. The FAUs performance is determined on the change in total factor productivity (TFA) and technical efficiency. We used the output orientated DEA-Malmquist index in estimating the productivity growth from panel data of 19 of FAUs in two periods of time 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 academic years, the model calculated using two educational outputs and two inputs.

 The results showed that (14) FAUs or or 73.6%   are efficient. In terms of total factor productivity, FAUs obtained an index score of 0.879, which means that (7) FAUs or 36.8% remarkable productivity growth.  The technological index shows that (2) FAUS or 10.5% only shows a technological progress.

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